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Live Catenary in N SCALE ! ! !

I plan to keep this as a record of progress of the NCat Project!

I'm  a member of LI NTRAK

This is my Third attempt at building a module(s).
The first attempts ended in frustration by the volume of work!!!

The first attempt - Avery, Idaho

The Second Attemp- Sunnyside Yards

Current Updates - Last First


August 2000

The Satisfaction and success from the stand alone Module, motivated me to :

 The Complete the 3 Module Set in time for
 Northeast 2000

399 modules and a "Kitchen Sink" described the current record holder in the NTRAK largest layout chronology. For the full "Kitchen Sink" story, I'd suggest a visit to the convention's home page.

For coverage of the modules at the convention be sure to checkout
The Train Channel ConventionCoverage


   Contributing to the 399 modules count were my 3, four feet NCat modules.


Lesson Learned from the EdisonModules first outing

Nov '99 UPDATE

Doing a few shows has brought up a few items that have been corrected.

1. Originally for some desire to try to stick with the NTrak specs the rear legs were set at depth of two feet from the front. This made the module unstable when not clamped in a layout. This was corrected by relocating the rear legs to as close to the rear of the module as possible

2. Added a setup track for both the inner and outer loop(with No NCat to facilate the setting up of trains).

3. This was a Biggie!! Replaced all the KATO viaduct with the next larger radius (12 3/8"), the 11" just was to tight for a number of the trains in particular: TGV,ICE & Budd Cars.

Beleive that the module's operational aspects have been addressed so I can start some scenery work!

Scenery in progress

Scenery progress:

A shot of the module at the
"Grumman Model RailRoad Club Show"
at Bethpage High School.Fellow NTraker "Joe" is seen admiring my custom paint job on my ACELA HHP look-A-like.

Mid Aug '99 UPDATE

The perishable express now has an EF-1 pulling as the wire is up on the second loop

The use of kato's brackets to hold the poles is working great


Aug '99 UPDATE

These are a few shots of the second loop ready for the wire train, all the ploes are set.
The last is a closeup of the pole that slips into the bracket KATO makes for KATO's own Dummy poles.

May  '99  UPDATE
My current NCat module is a single stand alone module.

3 ft  x 4 ft

The module is designed with two NCat loops:

Keep coming by for updates

For more info about NTRAK

For more info about NCat

Trackage under wire!


See the Module in action

3 secs of video[RealPlayerFormat](37k)

Need RealPlayer, follow link below

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